The relationship with Trident reaches back twenty years when the company first started. “I originally knocked on the door of Hull College and explained that I was building a business in Hull and I wanted to work with them,” explains Trident co-founder, David Keel, a local businessman who has built his global empire through sourcing home-grown talent.

Trident is a business to business agency specialising in print and packaging with a £50 million turnover and an employee force of approximately 700 individuals internationally, and of those, 290 are based in Hull with a majority percentage previously former Hull College students. And while the company only has a handful of clients, these are significantly huge and include Unilever, Diagio, L’Oréal, Thorntons, Proctor & Gamble and The Body Shop.

These global companies are cared for by the highly skilled hands of students who have worked their way through Hull College and who are also on Apprenticeship schemes with HCUK Training and Trident.

The link between both parties has become intrinsically connected as Mr Keel continues to seek more talented students. “Over the years, I have regularly used the phrase, our ability to grow Trident is controlled by our ability to assimilate talented new staff, and that ability is dependent on Hull College”. Mr Keel recognises the importance of developing a close working relationship with the College and the advantages of having a pool of talent to pick from.  He commented: “We are a digital business; we would probably not exist and certainly would not be the global force we are if it were not for the Hull College student output.”