Business & Recruitment Services

Business & Recruitment Services provide a one stop shop for people wanting to enrol on an apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeships and full cost courses. Using a strong network of employer contacts and building on a proven track record of success Business & Recruitment Services aim to find suitable employment vacancies for all its candidates, by providing a successful match making service between the candidate and the employer. This can only be achieved if candidates possess the correct range of tools and skills therefore, creating a positive CV and ensuring that they are interview ready is essential. Business & Recruitment Services coaching and mentoring team ensure that that they receive this guidance before they are introduced to employers.

Business & Recruitment Services liaise with employers and arrange all interviews, they work with employers and discuss positive and constructive feedback after the interview, which is then shared with the candidate. Working with candidates Business & Recruitment Services identify any further assistance they may require to ensure that they meet the required Employer standard. This could mean re-directing them for further training or possibly recommending them for a pre-apprenticeship. Business & Recruitment Services will work with candidates to provide further options if for any reason a candidate wishes to change career direction.

In summary, Business & Recruitment Services provide an accessible and first class service that is highly valued by both Candidate and Employer.