Every year HCUK Training helps people gain sustainable employment through our own delivery and network of high quality subcontractors and specialist providers.

We recognise that other organisations and third sector community organisations have specialist skills and knowledge which are needed to meet the individual needs of all our learners.

Why subcontract with HCUK Training?

We approach working with sub-contractors aa a truly two way partnership. You will have access to the expertise from all our departments, including quality and compliance. You will also be invited to regular partner days and training workshops, which ensure your organisation is kept up to date with industry and funding changes.

When we are seeking new partners, we look to those, who share the same values and goals as HCUK Training. We expect our partners to have clear objectives to provide a quality learner focused experience. If your organisation genuinely wants to make a difference to people’s lives, then we would like to hear from you.

During our due diligence process your organisation will be assessed on a number of criteria which will include financial stability, policies and procedures, health and safety, safeguarding, and programme delivery.

For all current opportunities, please register on the Hull College Group e-tendering site at: